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Uplifting Cases and People

A dog owner came to me hoping for help for her itchy dog. Blood work had been normal at previous vet visits. I ran a more extensive panel, and it was normal. I shared with the owner that normal results don't rule out the disease 20% of the time in this particular case. The owner asked if it was possible to do a drug trial. I knew that we could, so we did. The dog has improved markedly!

This is an example of cases that I love that make vet med fulfilling. The astute owner that loves her dog is due over 50% of the credit for the success. I have had similar successes were clients are due most of the credit in the past (example: a blind cat's vision returning after starting blood pressure medication). It was that beautiful partnership between an observant, quick-moving owner and a vet that cares, listens - and studies a lot - that made the difference.

Other uplifting cases: One of my dog patients was able to avoid intestinal blockage surgery with the power of the timely application of a different treatment.

Another client reported that a thorough ear cleaning and medication resolved his longstanding struggle with his dog's ear infections.

An uplifting person: The owner of a healthy patient gave me a print of his stunning Siamese cat for our "bare walls". Decorating was put near the end of our to-dos, and I was touched by this thoughtful gesture.

We are grateful for each and every one of our patients and people. You have supported our budding business in many ways.


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